HLN rebrand

The essence of the new HLN brand is focused on shining a spotlight across America. Where CNN is bringing global perspective, HLN is solely dedicated to domestic stories that bring us together as a nation. We delivered a brand that highlights the authentic and empowering aspects of HLN, while closely aligning with CNN, its sister network.

I worked as AD, lead designer and animator.

Brand agency: Troika
strategy, creative direction, production


We were asked to create a new logo that compliments the new brand and it's big sister CNN. Friendly while remaining authoritative.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.09.50 AM.png

One of the deliverables for the project was to create a brand anthem to celebrate the launch of the new brand. The spot was a live action shoot in different locations across the US. I was involved in concepting and in production.

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